Maintaining the house is certainly never easy for some people. There are many things to do and consider from the biggest thing to the tiniest detail. Scrubbing the floor, cleaning the tiles, making sure that the upholstery is clean and disinfected, the gutter is fixed, and the windows are cleaned. There are many things to be done, and what makes this worse is knowing, on the latter part, that you have been doing it all wrong.

But fret not, we understood the problem and reached out to professionals and experts about the common mistakes that homeowners do in their cleaning activities. We gather all the information, and now we are ready to share them with you.

1.Diluting ready-to-use cleaners to save

Doing this will never be effective. The ready-to-use product is already formulated to clean at that level of concentration. By diluting the solution, you are rendering them useless and ineffective in the function they supposedly do. In results, this will just make more expenses as you will need to buy more products to be able to have a clean output.

2.Forgetting to clean the window screen

Some homeowners think that it is all about the glass and the cracks. But the thing is, screens are able to hold debris, dirt, and dust from the outside to inside and cause some splotches when it rains. To avoid this, always maintain your windows by cleaning all parts including the screens. You may also opt for a professional cleaning output provided by the window cleaner Tunbridge Wells to ensure a cleaner result.

3.Cleaning in the wrong order

Most homeowners know that in order to have an effective cleaning activity, without some back jobs, you need to do it from top to bottom. This means that you start from the ceiling, walls, cabinets, furniture, and down to the floor. However, some people spray some deodorizer/ air fresher as finishing and touch up, and this is where the problem lies. Air freshener contains chemicals that could leave a greasy film on the counters and floors, and this is the reason why homeowners tend to wipe the cabinets and floors again after. It is recommended that you use them in the middle of the process to avoid mopping and wiping in the end.

4.Forgetting that less means more

You might think that using more cleaning agents can make your house cleaner; this is not always the case. The truth is, the more you use cleaning solutions, probably exceeding the recommended amount, can cause harm and issues to your surfaces. More cleaning agents can leave a residue when they are not being rinsed well, leading to stains, and difficult to remove build-up. This can happen to your upholstery and carpet in the house. It is recommended that you use the recommended amount of volume.

5.Scrubbing the carpet too hard

Scrubbing the carpet too hard may remove some difficult stains but it can also cause your carpet to be damaged. If stains can’t be removed through blotting, perform a mild and gentle brushing is necessary.