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The ImmuKnow Principles

ImmuKnow is a noninvasive means of rapidly providing a biomarker of patient cellular immune status. Importantly, ImmuKnow provides a measure of immune function, not just CD4 counts which do not always reflect the actual status of the patient’s immune system.

Patient Immune System Monitoring

* Additional assays may be required in the event of changes in clinical status or posttransplant complications

† Based on therapeutic drug monitoring recommendations described in immunosuppressant agent prescribing information
  • ImmuKnow—the only FDA-cleared assay that detects changes in global immune function over time

  • Helps identify transplant patients at risk of infection due to over-immunosuppression

  • Helps guide decisions in therapy to avoid over- or under-immunosuppression

The principles behind the patented ImmuKnow technology are briefly described here:

Phytohemagglutinin (PHA) is a nonspecific mitogen which can be used to stimulate cell division in CD4 T-lymphocytes regardless of their antigenic specificity or memory status. Therefore, PHA is considered to be a “global” stimulator of the immune system. The production of intracellular ATP is one of the first steps in cellular activation following stimulation with mitogens such as PHA.  ATP is a multifunctional nucleotide which plays an indispensible role in the transfer of intracellular chemical energy.

When a sample of patient blood is incubated with PHA, increased ATP production occurs within PHA-activated CD4 T-cells. These cells are then isolated by the addition of magnetic beads coated with anti-CD4 monoclonal antibody. The isolated CD4 cells are washed on a magnet tray and lysed to release intracellular ATP. The amount of measured light emitted following the addition of a luminescence reagent is proportional to the amount of ATP present.  An established calibration curve is then used to characterize the cellular immune function of the sample.

ImmuKnow Illustration


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