You might not notice it but the air is getting colder and colder, reminding us that winter is coming near. A little trivia, in southern of Asia specifically in the Philippines, September to December months are called “ber” months, which sets a reminder that holiday seasons are coming near. And with the holiday’s seasons are near, it means that winter too.

Winter is something fun and cozy, but they also cause some little troubles in some parts of your homes including your roof and windows. Before it gets too late, there is still time to prepare your home’s windows for the onslaught of winter.

1.Inspect them

Before the snow finally sets in, it is important to perform some visual inspection to your windows inside and outside the house. Check for cracks, holes, and gaps, as well as some damages on the screens. In addition, if your windows have a wooden frame, check for rotten wood trim around them. Any damage should be repaired as they cause air leaks. This means that the warm indoor air can sneak outside as well as the cold air can invade into your house.

2.Try some storm windows

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, storm windows are able to reduce heat loss by up to 50%. This option may not be that great for some houses but if you have some, now is the time to install them at your house. Otherwise, you can also try a window insulator kit available at any market.

3.Remove the drafts

Just a little trivia, an estimated portion of up to one-third of your house’s heat gets lost through doors and windows. This is because many doors and windows have gas where indoor air can escape and vice versa. This is why removing the draft can be so effective in preventing this. In this way, you are not just letting the cold air inside and warm air outside, but also reducing the cost of the energy bill.

4.Clean your windows

When your windows have dust and dirt, they have more chances of having etches, cracks, and scratches. This is why regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. The window cleaner Tunbridge Wells is able to provide you a professional quality service to prep your windows for the winter.

5.Condensation control

Windows can sweat when the indoor humidity level is high during winter. This condensation happens when the moist, warm air inside meets the cold air outside. While this does not cause any harm, it may cause you inconvenience. You can prevent this by using fans and dehumidifiers to keep the humidity level on check.

6.Lock the windows during winter.

When winter sets in, it is important to check your window’s locks as they can sometimes cause the air leaks. It is also a part of your safety check during the cold season.


You still have a few months to prepare your home for winter. To avoid having higher energy costs, make sure that you prep your windows by fixing gaps, drafts, cracks, and holes to prevent air leaks. Also, cleaning your windows through hiring a professional company may also serve you best.