Why Are My Windows Dirty After It Rains?

When your region constantly experiences wet seasons, you probably noticed some things before, during, and after it rains, and one of which is dirt on windows.

Certainly, a lot of homeowners have asked the same questions we have been asking for years: why are windows get dirty after it rains? While you might think you know the answer to this, hold up because what we about to share with you, the answer to the question, is nothing to do with rain after all.

Is It Rain?

The answer is no. While it is true that the rain is not microscopically clean and disinfected, they are not that visibly dirty, which means it does not cause stains on your window. In fact, aside from the professional cleaners like commercial window cleaners Tunbridge wells that provide eco-friendly ways to cleaning your windows, there are also companies that use rainwater for their cleaning services. If rain is not the main culprit, just the accomplice, then what is?

Dirty screens. That is right. The real villains here are your protective screens beside the other factors, the environment. Your screens are very effective in keeping away pollens, dirt, pests, and other external elements away from your home. However, they are oftentimes left unattended and left out during cleaning. Screens also have the ability to hold and carry dirt and dust so they are also contaminated and need to be cleaned.

This worsens when it rains. The rainfall slams the dirt, pollen, and other debris into the screen, making your windows stained from all of the dirt and dust. When the water dries out, you will get to see the visible spots and blotches on the window. In addition to the ugly marks, they can also be difficult to remove and clean once they dry out. You can always do personal cleaning to your windows and screens, although we recommend that you seek help from professional cleaners as they are equipped with the right tools and cleaning solutions to make cleaning more effective and efficient down at every corner.

As we mentioned before, aside from the dirty screens, the environment plats the main role as the culprit too. Every part of the country is different so there can be different local contributing factors. Compared to rural areas and regions, cities and highly-industrial areas are very prone to having acid rain that contains high levels of hydrogen ions and low pH, which are a potential harm to animals, plants, and window materials. if your place produces or has high levels of carbon dioxide and chemicals, it is more likely that you will experience acid rains.

all you can do is to ensure you have durable materials not just for your windows but for your overall house materials as well. In this case, you will avoid fast deterioration caused by the acid rain Also, clean your house immediately after the rain occurs to remove all the residues from the rain.


So, there you have it. While everyone thinks that rain is the main player, it is actually not. Science will tell you that rains do not carry dirt at all, but rather it serves as an accomplice of the crime.